Top Smart Home Trends

Smart home technology is quickly being innovated at a rapid rate and adopted just as fast. Below, we will discuss some of the top smart home trends to pay attention to.

Smart Home Trends

1. AI Assistants

Artificial Intelligence assistants are being put out at a very fast pace. Seemingly just about every major electronics company has its own AI assistant that is available to use on their respective devices. These assistants promise to make our lives easier and they are even being placed into the home without dedicated devices. These assistants are being inserted into the home through smart products like smart lights, smart microwaves, and more. You can expect this trend to continue as the big electronics manufacturers and software developers fight for market share.

2. Security

This is a particular area that is seemingly tremendous growth. There are a lot of new smart security systems coming out with full compatibility within the ecosystem. These security systems are much more affordable for the average consumer than ever before. A lot of the security systems are intertwined with the traditional smart home systems as well which can provide enhancements with the quality of life features.

3. Compatibility

Consumers now have more choices than ever before when it comes to smart home technology. Because of this, a lot of businesses are starting to realize that by enhancing compatibility efforts and working with other brands and manufacturers, you will be able to effectively reach more people and get into even more homes as a direct result. Therefore, you can expect to continue to see more compatibility efforts unfold.

As you can see, the smart home trends shift rapidly. Nowadays, more and more brands are focusing on improving ecosystem compatibility and the ability to integrate voice AI assistants into the home without needing dedicated devices to do so.